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October 25th, 2006

Book Club Offers

So I was thinking the other day about reading groups.  Some of you belong to them.  Some don’t.  I’m talking to the some that do, really, with this post.


If you are in a reading group and want to read a book, have you considered The Nature of Monsters by Ronald Damien Malfi?  Well, if you haven’t. let me entice you to think about it.


First of all you can download a 7 page excerpt.  You can also read an interview with Malfi.


Anyway.  If you mail info@5storywalkup.com with the details of your group and gather interest and such we will not only get you the books directly from the publisher, we will discount them and arrange for other special things.


Do I know exactly what those are yet?  Nope.  But they will include free copies of other books, author incentives (if you are in a location we can get Malfi to you then we will happily work to get him to come speak to your group if you want, also signed copies and other stuff), and so on.


So yeah.  Reading group = special offer.  Spread it around and enjoy.

August 16th, 2006


The Nature of Monsters is now available from Amazon.com at a discount price.

We went to Horrorfind weekend with the book, where Malfi sat and signed some copies and we all had good times. Response to the book at the convention (and remember this is not a horror book at all) was overwhelmingly positive.

Thanks, too, to John and Jen over at Raw Dog Screaming Press, who allowed us to put NoM on their table and shared some great advice and words with us. They’ll be coming out in spring with Malfi’s next book Via Dolorosa.

August 3rd, 2006

Excerpt, and more.

You can now download two new PDFs related to The Nature of Monsters by Ronald Damien Malfi:

A 7 page excerpt of the novel.


A PR flyer

Not sure if you want to buy the book? Download the excerpt. Know you want to buy it (Have you yet?) and want to help others decide? Download and print out the PR sheet and leave it around your favorite coffee shop or hangout.

July 24th, 2006

Pre-order officially open!

All right, I didn’t think we’d do it. I really didn’t. We debated the concept back and forth but I thought we would shy away from this one.

We didn’t.

Here we are with our first book and all, and we’re gonna open up pre-orders right now and we agreed to cut out the shipping for the first 100 orders.

So what? Well that means for a flat 20 bucks you can pre-order Ronald Damien Malfi’s best book yet, The Nature of Monsters. It’s a great deal and we’ll eat some money for it. Not the smartest fiscal move, possibly, but damn it we stand behind our love of this book.

So Pre-order Nature of Monsters today!

And don’t miss the Pre-order Special! Be one of the first 100 people to pre-order The Nature of Monsters by Ronald Damien Malfi and we’ll eat the shipping. That’s right, just $20 gets you the book shipped to you. You pay nothing extra. Plus, we’ll make sure he signs it for you. This offer will not last, so order now. (Books are expected to ship out the first week of September, 2006)