So I was thinking the other day about reading groups.  Some of you belong to them.  Some don’t.  I’m talking to the some that do, really, with this post.


If you are in a reading group and want to read a book, have you considered The Nature of Monsters by Ronald Damien Malfi?  Well, if you haven’t. let me entice you to think about it.


First of all you can download a 7 page excerpt.  You can also read an interview with Malfi.


Anyway.  If you mail with the details of your group and gather interest and such we will not only get you the books directly from the publisher, we will discount them and arrange for other special things.


Do I know exactly what those are yet?  Nope.  But they will include free copies of other books, author incentives (if you are in a location we can get Malfi to you then we will happily work to get him to come speak to your group if you want, also signed copies and other stuff), and so on.


So yeah.  Reading group = special offer.  Spread it around and enjoy.